April Trip 2017

For our April trip, Troop 126 went on canoes across Turnpike lake in Plainville. The 30 scouts that went to the island to set up tents for the few days that they would be staying, and they traveled around the island where a scout found a coconut in the forest. When they returned from their exploration around the island they played games such as capture the coconut.

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March Outing 2017

For March, Troop 126 went to Merit Badge University, also known as MBU. Spanning over three Saturdays in March, scouts were able to earn up to three merit badges, either partially of fully. MBU is held by the Old Colony Council, and every scout was able to participate in three interesting merit badges!

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February Outing 2017

For the February trip, Troop 126 traveled to Crotched Mountain for a ski trip. For some scouts, it was their first time skiing, while other scouts were already very experienced. Scouts were able to go down the mountain with buddies or with a group. The ski slopes varied widely in skill, from beginner to expert, and all the scouts were able to have a great time!

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January Outing 2017

For the month of January, we went to the Seven Rivers Klondike. Troop 126 was split up into their respected patrols and worked together to compete against other troops. Many activities were held, and Scouts were able to use their skills in order to win. Troop 126 also learned about winter camping, as they slept in tents. Overall, it was a blast!


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December Outing 2017

During our December outing, Troop 126 visited Rock Spot Climbing, located in South Boston. Scouts were able to climb late into the night, and many scouts were able to climb over a boulder wall and go down a slide to get down again. Many other rock climbing activities were taking place. For dinner, scouts had pizza, and then some yummy donuts the next morning, and then left for home.




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October Outing 2017

During our October trip the scouts were able to get 2 Merit Badges. Some of the Merit Badges that the Scouts could have earned were: Forestry, Geology, Nature and/or Soil & Water. The total amount of Merit Badges earned over this trip was 55 Merit Badges. And there were 34 Scouts on the trip.

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