Washington DC Trip

Washington DC 2014

Washington DC

April 22-26, 2014


Turkey Ridge Run Campground,
Prince William Forest


26 Scouts

  • Campfire
  • Cooking
  • Tents

We took a charter bus down to Washington DC over spring break. We saw many monuments and went to most of the Smithsonians over the course of 5 days.

  • On Tuesday, we boarded the tour bus from FTI Coach and took a LONG drive down to DC.
  • We got to our campsite in the evening, got our tents set up, and rested up for 3 days of touring.
  • The first day, we toured the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian museum of American History.
  • The next day, we went to Arlington Cemetery and got to see the changing of the guard.
  • On Thursday we also saw the Smithsonian museum of Natural History, and at night we walked around and saw many of the memorials, like the Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam wall, all lit up.
  • On Friday, we toured the Smithsonian air and space museum and the hangar.
  • On Saturday we packed up and returned on the amazing tour coach.