Seven Rivers District Fall Camporee 2011

Seven Rivers District Fall Camporee

October 21-23, 2011

Our Award Winning Gateway Building the gateway Around the fire Building the gateway Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot Solar Still Solar Still Survival Kit Troop 126 traveled to Camp Norse in Kingston to compete in the Seven Rivers District Fall Camporee held from October 21-23. All of Franklin’s Scout Troops participated, with a total of 11 units from the district. Over 175 Scouts attended this weekend of fun and games.

We packed the vehicles and left the Elks Friday night at 6:00. It took us about an hour to get to Kingston. The Scouts did a great job setting up the camp in the dark. The temperature was a bit chilly, but everyone packed their cold weather gear. The Albino Blacksheep Patrol started a nice fire, so we were warm and comfortable. The Eternal Roadrunner Patrol took the lead on assembling our Troop Gateway for the next day’s events. After all that work, we relaxed by the fire and soon settled into our tents.

Saturday morning wake up was at 6:00. The morning air was cold and it was hard to climb out of the warm tents. The Scouts started up the fire again and made breakfast. After cleaning up, we all headed down to the parade field for morning colors.

Survivor competitions began at 10:00. Each Patrol traveled around the camp to different competition areas. Events included shelter-building, first aid, archery, and a giant sling shot competition. In addition to the competitive events there were several demonstrations. Our own Mr. Fox showed the Scouts how to make a Solar Still to convert moisture in the ground and vegetation into drinkable water using a shovel, a cup, and a tarp. At around noon the Scouts made it back to the our camp site for a quick lunch and then headed out again for the afternoon events.

On Saturday evening we made dinner and the Eternal Roadrunners decided to submit an entry into the dutch-oven cooking contest. They put together a great Peach Cobbler. Although it had a bit of dark crust on it, the inside was very tasty. They did not win but they made a valiant (and yummy) effort.

After dinner we headed over to the amphitheater for the Tribal Council. Several competition winners were announced. We earned 2nd Place in the Gateway Lashing event! Although we didn’t make it to be one the top 3 finalists in the Survivor competition, all of our Patrols did very well in most of the competitions and dominated in a few including the giant slingshot contest.

Tribal Council was fun with two finalist competitions. The first was a giant game of Memory. Two Scouts from each of the three finalist troops had to find matching pairs of scouting symbols printed on sheets of paper. It took quite a while to complete but they finally narrowed it down to the final two.

The remaining two Troops faced off in a rousing fire-building contest. Given some dry wood, twine, flint and steel, two Scouts from each troop had to build a fire big enough to burn through a rope. This event also took a very long time. Tensions rose and the crowd grew very excited as the fires got started and then grew to the size needed to reach the rope. It was a good evening.

After Tribal Council we headed back to our site. We sat around our own campfire and talked about the weekend. Sunday morning we rose early and had a quick breakfast. We attended a short non-denominational service after colors and then headed home to Franklin.

The Camporee gave all our Scouts a chance to interact with Troops from around our district. All of the Survivor events challenged the Scouts to use their Scouting skills and practice working together in Patrols. The Scouts are really getting to know each other well! We were lucky to have decent weather for the Survivor events and we’re looking forward to more camping in November!

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