“Cache to Eagle” Placement 2010

“Cache to Eagle” Placement

October 9, 2010

Sean's Eagle Project Hiking in Franklin State Forest Hiking in Franklin State Forest Hiking in Franklin State Forest In preparation for the Seven River’s District Fall Camporee we were asked to place one of 12 caches in the Seven Rivers District “Cache to Eagle” Program. Each of the Caches represents one of the points of the Scout Law. Once they are all in place, boy scouts can explore areas in the district to learn about Eagle Projects that have taken place and also fulfill one of the requirements for the Geocaching merit badge.

On Saturday, October 9, we met at the site of Sean M.’s eagle project at the head of the Southern New England Turnkline Trail on Grove Street. It was a beautiful day for a hike and we took the opportunity to place our cache but also do a little geocaching ourselves and search for a cache in the Franklin State Forest. Sean joined us for the hike and everyone had a great time.

More about Sean’s Eagle Project
Sean’s project took place in May and June of 2010 and was sponsored by the Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee (FCRTC) and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The project was completed in two stages. The first day, 5/1/10, involved cutting and clearing brush and small trees from the area at the front end of the trail. The following week, Metcalf Materials, a neighbor of the trail, volunteered to bring in their tractor to smooth out the area which was very uneven. On 6/12/10, the kiosk and benches were installed. Sean was supported by volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 126, members of the Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee, Family, and Friends. Combined over 200 hours were logged by Sean and the other volunteers. The project was a great success. The kiosk will be used to display maps brochures and other information about the trail.