Tide Pool 2014

Tide Pool 2014

Tide Pool 2014

June 20-22, 2014


Portsmouth, New Hampshire


35 Scouts

  • Campfire
  • Cooking
  • Lean To

We explored marine life in tide pools in New Hampshire.

  • The adults cooked for the Super Shark Patrol, as they sold the most Choclate Bars in our fundraiser.
  • We arrived on Friday and slept in Lean Tos.
  • After Breakfast on Saturday, we went to the Tide Pools.
  • At the Tide Pools, Scouts explored the aquatic habitats.
  • After Lunch, We visited the Tide Pool Museum which held touch tanks and other fun activities.
  • That night, we invited Girl Scouts staying at the same camp to a large campfire where we performed skits.
  • For 100% participation in selling of Chocolate Bars, we had donuts for breakfast on Sunday.
  • Photos