Where will our next Scouting adventure take us? We’re limited only by our imagination—and, yes, our budget.

It costs us around $250 per Scout to deliver the Scouting program for one year. Our costs include badges and other recognition items, tents, equipment, and youth training. Some of that is paid for by dues, but we expect each Scout to participate in our fundraisers and earn their own way to cover the $100 gap.

In addition to our fall and spring fundraisers, we also run a few passive fundraisers that are available year-round. You can support the troop by purchasing things you might be buying anyway!

Mabel’s Labels are handy laundry-safe and dishwasher-safe name tags for clothing and gear. We always have a pile of lost and found items after every outing. Every Scout swears “that’s not mine!” These labels allow us to return each item to its proper owner. The troop earns a generous commission for every label you purchase. Simply visit and search for Troop 126 Franklin MA. Share this link with your friends and family—if you have kids, you need these labels.